We have thought. We have reflected. We have decided.

We were born to touch and feel...

we were born to discover! In our digital age what might seem to be a contradiction simply isn’t one!

The time of “click” has transformed everything.

Consumers have changed.

The time has come.

It is the time of POST-CONSUMERISM.

No more shopping, no more shopwindows, no more queuing, no more inflamed masses, no more shops, no more impulses, no more anxiety, no more new for new’s sake, no more trend over trend, no more senseless experiences...


Shopping space and it’s experience do not fulfill post-consumer expectations:

responsable shopping, ecologically aware shopping, intelligent and informed shopping...


Post-consumers don’t just shop.

New ways of consuming require new ways of selling.

To achieve these new ways we need to stop and think before we act.

Because the post-consumer requieres POST-RETAIL and we need to invent it.

Retail space is not a comercial nor an experiential space any more, retail space needs

to be designed to satisfy the needs of the POST-CONSUMER.

We need to create spaces that embrace POST-RETAIL.

POST-RETAIL against technology’s, algorithm’s and omnichanel’s dictatorship!

POST-RETAIL to go back to DISCOVERY! POST-RETAIL to demand human contact!

POST-RETAIL to create a physical space that complies the expectations of the

POST-CONSUMER outside the digital space!

POST-RETAIL to create MEMORIES that will be embedded in your mind!


POST-RETAIL for physical space to regain the relevance

it deserves in the BRAND EXPERIENCE!

Retail is dead...


Long live POST-RETAIL!